French Bulldog


Originated in England, in the city of Nottingham, French bulldog found its second home in the country of France. With the local lace workers, they are favorite pets while keeping them company and riding their workrooms of rats. These dogs became popular with the French shopkeepers and ultimately made the name in the new country. This breed also became popular with the members of the Paris Bohemian class in the late 19 and 20th century. The Frenchie has gained enormous popularity in the past decade. Today it ranks 21st among all the breeds.

French Bulldog

The Frenchie as it is often known is best known for the adaptability and charm. It loves everyone it meets and will go with anyone who is willing to provide it a lap. For their quite attentiveness, there is love for the breed. Without making a nuisance of themselves, they follow their people around from one room to other. They will tap the person with their paw to seek their attention. Barking judiciously, they are high alert breed. The temperament of this breed is very stubborn. With specific and gentle technique, motivation is given to the dog. They learn quickly with right reward and especially when they have an audience, this breed will find their spin on tricks or command.

The dog is quite destructive at certain times, as they like to maul their toys, playing away with each other’s toys and perform squeakerectomies. Choking toys like pig ears, rawhides, and dental chews are strict no for this breed. Hiding games are the favorite of this breed, and they like people search for them. It is easy to handle this breed since it does not need too much carving all through the day. Without running the risk of overworking your dog, the perfect amount of exercise for them is playtime and short walks. Hence running and walking is very important for this dog. Minimum walking time of 15 to 20 minutes is required. This breed is prone to specific health problems. One such symbol is airway syndrome. They suffer from obstructive breathing problems, due to their compressed tissues and bones. There can be laryngeal collapse and narrowing of nasal cavities.

After minimal exercise, they face labored breathing problems. For improve breathing and airflow, sometimes surgery is done. The Fenchies can suffer from a spinal condition called intervertebral disc disease and spinal malformations. Reproductive problem is not the exception but norm. They also face cataract and malabsorption disorder.  Since this dog is stubborn, hence training is done with firm and fair attitude. They will assist in practice if they understand its place in the family hierarchy. Fun and patience are the critical parts of the training schedule.

French bulldog loves to eat fish, chicken, lamb, and beef. There are some premium dog foods like grain free kibble, which is also useful for this dog.

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