Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier does not resemble itself as a working dog or ratter, originating from Yorkshire area of England.  Coming through intentional cross-breeding of a wide range of terriers, the production of Yorkies are not accidental. The Waterside terrier weighing between 6 to 20 pounds with long hair considered as one of the progenitors of this breed. This dog was ultimately brought by weavers who migrated in the mid 19th Century from Scotland to England.

Because of its humble roots, wealthy dog fanciers despised this breed. But due to its elegance, size, and beauty, this dog became the favorite choice for the British elite class.

The Yorkies seem oblivious due to their small size. For adventure, they are very eager. They are smart, loyal, brave, loyal and energetic at the same time. This breed is a lovely companion for the owners, who takes time to understand how to treat this dog. This dog is affectionate to the owner, but at the same time can become suspicious to strangers and aggressive to small animals and strange dogs. As the dog does their best to tell you what they want you to do, they can become yappy. Belonging to the real terror heritage, they need someone who understands them. Just because they are so small, they are often considered for considerate children since most of the people permit them to get away with the behaviors that no dog should display. As the dog starts to take over the house (Small Dog Syndrome), there is a change in dog’s temperament.

Yorkshire Terrier

There is need of regular grooming. Weekly clipping of coat and daily to weekly brushing and combing of hairs is a must for this dog. With ribbon, the tying of topknot at the back is done. The teeth require regular cleaning, and this breed sheds little to no hair.

A daily walk is a must for the little ones. The exercise needs to be fulfilled by the play, but it will not fulfill the primal instinct to walk. There are signs that it needs to go on for long walks if the dog zooms around the house like the speeding bullet. In a safe and open area, they will also enjoy an enjoyable romp.

This breed is prone to an eye infection, early tooth decay, slipped stifle, bronchitis and delicate digestion. Caused by herniated disks, they often have paralysis in the hindquarters, and other problems of the spine also occur in this dog. Knocking can cause fracture of the fragile bones.

Yorkies are capable and willing students. With positive reinforcement, they respond with plenty of repetition and encouragement. They love the mental challenge and stimulation which the training provides to them.  There are specific commands like sit down, fetch, stay and come taken by Yorkies.

There can be a common question regarding how much food should Yorkshire terrier eat. Since there is common fear of obesity, hence excellent and nutritious food should be given to them. The growing puppy requires food for three times a day. No human diet is prescribed for the dogs.

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